Holt Perlman's Fundraising Page

No charity could be more relevant to my life than this. I was a member of the UT Longhorn Football team in the Fall of 2012 when Coach Royal passed, and specifically remember how passionately Coach Brown spoke of his mentor. Combining what I did then with what I do now is perfectly summed up through this amazing organization, and I am very greatful to be apart of it!

Holt attended the University of Texas from 2011-2015, where he spent 2 years as a walk-on in the football program while receiving his degree in Economics. He currently works with his family at the company his father started, Tradition Senior Living, where they develop upscale retirement communites that include Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. The Perlman family have committed their careers to better those individuals and their families as they age, many of whom are directly affected by Dementia and Alheimer's. 

Holt has chosen to dedicate his fundraising to each resident that lives in the Tradition - Memory Care. As he has seen first hand, every person that suffers from this horrible disease has a story. And while some of them may have lost the ability to tell it, it makes it no less real and cherished. He has committed his efforts with the hope of giving life and meaning to those stories and the loved ones that surround them.