Allison Sample Ferguson's Fundraising Page

We are always wanting to contribute more to the local communities throughout Texas and felt this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.  Our grandfather, Dr. Robert G. McConn ("Pops") was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and it proved to be a difficult time for our families.  Being part of the DKR Research Fund is a way for our family to actively engage in something that can potentially prevent the disease from affecting others.

Allison (Sample) Ferguson currently lives in Midland, Texas and works at Saber Oil & Gas Ventures.  Mrs. Ferguson graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in 2006, earning her B.A. in Communication Studies with a Minor in Business Foundations.

Stephen Sample currently lives in Dallas, Texas and works at Bridger Logistics. Mr. Sample graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012, earning his B.A. in Finance and a Minor in Accounting.

Dr. Robert G. McConn was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and later moved to Houston, Texas for high school where he grew up with his three brothers, Luke, Jim and Tim.  Dr. McConn and his wife, Yvronne McConn ("Pudgy") had ten children together and 29 grandchildren - to them, Dr. McConn was simply known as "Pops."  He truly loved the study of medicine and constantly cared for others with sincere compassion throughout his lifelong career as a doctor.  Dr. McConn studied at the Baylor College of Medicine and later helped found the Medical Clinic of Houston in 1967 with nine other physicians.  He was a loving and caring man, husband, father and grandfather whose selflessness was continuously shown through his actions at home and in his work environment.

Siblings Allison Ferguson and Stephen Sample joined the Legacy Council Committee in 2014 to honor their grandfather, Dr. Robert McConn, who struggled with Alzheimer's disease towards the end of his life.  Dr. McConn eventually passed away in 1999 and donated his body to the study of science and medicine.